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What are these white spots on my skin?

white spots on my skin

white spots on skin

Causes and symptomsA number of health conditions and variables may cause white spots to grow on various areas of the human body.

Frequent causes of white stains on the skin include:

Sometimes, symptoms of TV might just be evident when a individual has a suntan. The status is prevalent, and symptoms often be noticeable in hot, humid environments.

Pityriasis alba

These stains finally cure and leave behind subdued, white stains.

PA tends to grow in children between the ages of 3 and 16 and generally affects the face, but could also affect the shoulders, neck, and arms.

Researchers aren’t certain what causes PA, but they think that it might be a mild form of atopic eczema or psoriasis.

Pigmenting pityriasis alba is a rare however possibly under-reported type of PA..

Much like PA, pigmenting pityriasis alba mainly affects the facial skin and will grow in children.


In individuals with vitiligo, white skin spots look in areas where the cells which make skin pigment, or colour, have been ruined.

Researchers aren’t certain what causes vitiligo. It can be an autoimmune illness, in which the immune system erroneously hurts healthy cells.

White patches have a tendency to grow in areas exposed to sunlight and might grow slowly or disperse quickly.

Sun spots are white stains in which skin pigment was lost.

Researchers aren’t certain what causes sunlight spots. It might be brought on by an absence of a skin pigment known as melanin and appears to run in families. Many people who have guttate hypomelanosis have good skin, and have experienced years of excessive or persistent sunlight exposure.